Wilson Lifting Roto Specialists offer turnkey operations for lifting logistic solutions and operational construction needs from specialised fully insured and certified Roto Operators, Bankmen and Appointed Persons, Support Team Operatives and Specialist Hauliers.

Our projects and taskings have covered a wide range of logistics solutions from full site enablement, infrastructure and set up, through to day to day lifting of up to 7 tonnes of material and equipment, silent hour operations, confined area disciplines.

We have gained recognition from leading construction and development companies throughout the UK leading to contracts across Europe.

Wilson Lifting Roto Specialists owe their success to the experience and dedication of our people; management and operators. Our company has witnessed exceptional growth in all aspects of lifting logistics and operational construction demands.

Wilson Lifting offer a full range of Roto, Telehandlers and counter balance options throughout the UK providing a 24/7 service for clients.